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Our business is focused on research laboratories and companies in the nanotechnology business that need customized nanoparticles of different types of materials for the most varied applications, but find it difficult to get products with quality and fair price in Brazil. Many companies and laboratories need to import these nanoparticles, paying in addition to a more expensive product, all taxes involved.




Created in 2016 in the program of acceleration and incubation of InovaParq, in Joinville-SC. Specialized in the manufacture of nanoparticles, through the physical process of laser ablation of materials in liquid medium. Our manufacturing process is clean and does not use chemical agents that are toxic to health and the environment. We offer nanoparticles for the most diverse agricultural, biomedical and industrial applications. We are the first company in Brazil working on custom nanoparticulate manufacturing, as well as being the only company to use advanced and sustainable lasers technology for the development of nanoparticulate materials.






Due to our innovative process of producing nanoparticles, we can produce from the most diverse solid materials. Nanogreen currently specializes in the production of metallic nanoparticles, such as:



Our method uses a pulsed laser beam to ablate the surface of materials immersed in different liquids. In the liquid, the collapsed material is dispersed forming a colloidal solution containing the nanoparticles. This production process is completely innovative in Brazil and we are the first company to produce nanoparticles by this means. Compared with conventional chemistry methods, the production of nanoparticles by laser ablation has a number of advantages:

Executive Director - CEO

- Dr. in Mechanical Engineering from Osaka University - Japão

- More than 15 years of experience in laser material processing

Director of Operations - COO

- Master in Materials Engineering by UFSC in partnership with Fraunhofer IPT - Germany

- Experience in manufacturing of nanoparticules through the chemical route

- Specialist in laser surface treatment of the SENAI Institute of Laser Innovation

R&D - Business Development

- Chemical Engineer (UFSC)

- Masters student in Materials Science and Engineering (UFSC)

- Startup experience in Sales and Customer Success

- Research  experience in nanoparticles and nanostructures synthesis



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Campus Universitário, R. Paulo Malschitzki, 10 - Zona Industrial Norte, Joinville - SC, 89219-710

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