Due to the high purity of our gold nanoparticles, they can be applied in the most diverse industrial sectors without the worry of contamination from the reactants or byproducts of the chemical manufacturing processes. Among the varied applications, the sectors that can most benefit from this are:


Lateral-flow assays, LSPR, SERS, colorimetric and electrochemical biosensors, biomarkers and vectors for cancer treatment and drug delivery are some examples of applications of gold nanoparticles in the health tech area.

Our pure nanoparticles improve the signal and sensibility of the biosensors due to the higher available surface area for conjugation, which arises from the lack of contaminants, stabilizers or byproducts from the chemical synthesis.

Still due to our innovative production process and their very clean surface, Nanogreen nanoparticles tend to be safer for applications in the human body and in the health sector as a whole.



The application of gold nanoparticles in cosmetics, such as creams and make-up, helps in moisturizing, reducing wrinkles and fighting fungi and acne on the skin. The best brands in this segment use this type of technology in their class A products.

Our particles, being ultra pure, are very suitable for this application, as they do not carry any contaminants that could be harmful to the skin.


     New applications 

Nanoparticles have several applications and are constantly being tested by university laboratories and research institutes.


There are applications and studies for their use in catalysts, sensors for toxin identification and environmental control, sensors for monitoring and diagnosing pathogens in the food sector, in addition to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and yet other applications.


Due to our innovative production process, we are able to supply gold nanoparticles at an affordable price, making laboratories and companies no longer need to worry about this stage of their developments.


Let us produce the gold nanoparticles you need!